Nara-Sumi (High Quality Ink Produced in Nara Region of Japan)


Sumi (ink) produced in Nara region of Japan is traced back to the year 806.
"Kukai", the most famous Buddhist monk in Japan went to Chinese continent and brought it to Nara region, the old capital of Japan in the year 806. Sumi, the jet-black ink can be created by grinding the ink-cake in the drip of a small amount of water in the ink stone.

Sumi ink-cakes are made from the soot (fine particles of carbon) which is made of burned pines or rapeseed oils, glue (the part of gelatin which belongs to animals and others) and a small amount of fragrance.
With regards to the black color of sumi (ink), there is a subtle nuance and it sometimes becomes tinged with purple light color or blue light color.