Sakai Hocho Knives

Sakai Hocho Knives

Sakai Hocho Knives - Inherits the formula for Japanese swords, the spirits of Samurai warriors The sharpness admired by millions of chiefs, 600 years of Sakai traditions are now yours...

Pure Gold Overlay ( Kanazawa Gold Leaves )

Pure Gold Overlay

The Gold - the eternal lights Japanese tradition overlayed with pure gold

Echizen Washi ( Japanese hand-crafted papers )

Echizen Washi

Echizen Washi Represents 1500 years of Japanese tradition in crafting papers hand crafted paper which is used for Ukiyoe, the ancient Japanese paintings produced between the 17th to the 20th centuries

Nara Ink, the Japanese Traditional Ink - production of Nara, ancient capital of Japan

Nara Ink, the Japanese Traditional Ink

Sumi - Japanese ink with 3,500 years of traditions Japanese traditional ink carried on with shrines and temples

Certificate for Traditional Crafts

Certificate for Traditional Crafts

The mark for craft goods which manufactured by certified craftsmen the mark proves the certification by Japanese government



Haft made by the technique of “Japanese-style pole a smooth touch of bamboo rod