Privacy Policy

Narita Shoji Co., Ltd. (the "Company") will treat the personal information entrusted with from our customers according to our "Privacy Policy", as detailed below. We will make best efforts in protecting the personal information so that the customers can enjoy our services (the "Services") offered on our on-line shopping site or for teleshopping or mail-ordering.

» 1. Purpose of use of your personal information

We will not use your personal information entrusted to us for no purposes other than:
Customers management for the Services;
Notice of our product information;
Operation of order processing, packing, and shipment of products;
Management of payment received, pay back, or deposits related to the transactions under the Services;
Request for questionnaire, opinion, or comment;
Notice of matters required for the operation of the Services; or,
Shipment of the product entrusted on behalf of consignor;

Also, we will not use the personal information entrusted to us from applicants for recruitment or recruited employees for no purposes other than those agreed on.

» 2. About the provision of personal information

We will never provide your personal information to a third party unless we obtain consent from you or the disclosure is required by a law or regulation.

» 3. About the entrustment of personal information

We may entrust your personal information to outsiders to the extent required to achieve the purpose of the use of such information. We will protect the personal information so entrusted by entering into a contract with the entrustees and supervising them in a proper way.

» 4. Security control of personal information

We will implement the security measures in a proper way to prevent leakage of your personal information.

» 5. Protection of the personal information by SSL

We use an encryption technology called "SSL" (secure socket layer) for the communication of the personal information on the Web. You may feel secured when communicating your personal information with us because SSL encrypts the personal information that comes and goes between our and your computers.

» 6. Use of "Cookie"

"Cookie" is a worldwide standard function used by Web servers to identify your computer. Our Web site may have a page that uses the cookie to help you to use the page more conveniently, but none of your personal information is acquired by that. You may make a setting on your browser to disable the cookie, but you may be refused, then, to use a part or the whole of the service on the page.

» 7. If your personal information is not provided to us

If any of your personal information we may request for is not provided to us, some related service may not provided to you. Please understand.

» 8. About the procedures for the disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of personal information

We have the procedures established for the disclosure, correction, deletion, or suspension of your personal information.
We will follow the procedures in response to your request for disclosure, etc., only after getting the proof of your identification.